VERANTWORTUNG 3000 is a gathering in Brandenburg, for 6 days in late summer 2016. VERANTWORTUNG 3000 is a space for exchange and critical discussion on contemporary music.

VERANTWORTUNG 3000 is initiated by BLATT 3000. BLATT 3000 does not want any curation. BLATT 3000 wants a system of self-curation. All participants are responsible for the programming and realisation.

VERANTWORTUNG 3000 offers facilities, food and a platform for managing resources. Participants offer their resources and make use of others’ resources to create a programme. Everyone brings his or her loot, so we can share, play and eat together.

VERANTWORTUNG 3000 is self-financed. Participation cost is 155 Euro.

Official website:


The rails application for self-curated festivals is hosted under github: