Solo [SLP016] EP-Release (2015)

"Solo [SLP016] is the Slip debut of Berlin-based composer Andreas Dzialocha: a collection of lilting electric bass melodies refracted through a tangled network of live computer processing. Solo‘s ruptured nocturnes are intimate duets between instrument and machine, with Dzialocha eloquently responding to randomised pulsing reverbs, filters, and compressors, which snatch his delicate motifs into virtual space in real time." (Slip Imprint)

Solo website:


Released November 2015, Slip (London/Berlin)
Developed and recorded 30.03.-02.04.2015
in Schwarz, Germany

Mixed by Andreas Dzialocha
Mastered by Hannes Fritsch
Artwork by Rian Treanor, Susie Whaites


St. Elisabeth, Berlin DE - 27.09.16


Camera: Luke Sullivan, Hélène Canuet
Edit: Jochen Zimmenberger
Light: Anton Andersson
Sound / Recording: Matthias Erb


"The Top 20 Tapes Of 2015" (The Quietus Spool’s Out with Tristan Bath: The Top 20 Tapes Of 2015)

"We may have to reassess the term bass music. [...] with the Berlin-based experimentalist channelling his electric bass themes through an array of filters, reverbs and compressors, randomly recomposing every note into unruly soundscapes. The scope of both high and low end noises on display is dizzying, and Dzialocha’s musical themes seem seethe with compelling menace, and the occasional flash of blissful splendour (the reverb soaked chiming on 6). Far from a Solo, the tape’s in fact a duet between man and machine, covering swathes of sonic ground neither could cover alone. Frankly both Solo and Got Gills? deserve to sit alongside the likes of Okkyung Lee’s Ghil and Fred Frith’s Guitar Solos as vital stepping stones in tapping untapped sonic potential from long-serving instruments." (The Quietus *Spool's Out: September's Tapes Reviewed By Tristan Bath)


Solo @ Cluster #3 Labor neunzehn, CTM Vorspiel, Berlin DE - 12.02.17
w. Adam Goodwin

Solo @ St. Elisabeth, Berlin DE - 27.09.2016
w. Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, Kaj Duncan David

Solo @ Rökridån, Stockholm SE - 08.05.2016
w. Otto Willberg, Laurence Tompkins, Marta Forsberg + Sara Parkman + Isabell Gustafsson-Ny

Solo @ 24kvm, Göteborg SE - 07.05.2016
w. Otto Willberg, Laurence Tompkins, Louise Magnusson, Syra och Sylt, DJ Love Karlsson

Solo @ Pizdets, Oslo NO - 06.05.2016
w. Otto Willberg, Laurence Tompkins

Solo @ Cafe OTO, London UK - 31.03.2016
w. Marta Forsberg, Ashley Paul, Tim Parkinson

Solo @ Islington Mill, Manchester UK - 29.03.2016
w. Carriers, Swaggerjack, Aaron Parker, Tim Parkinson. Presented by Slip & Sacred Tapes

Solo @ Del Rex, Berlin DE - 09.10.2015
w. Otto Willberg, Sam Andreae

Solo @ Del Rex, Berlin DE - 10.07.2015
w. Owen Roberts, Julia Reidy, Sean C. Stevens, Laurie Tompkins

Solo @ Echo Bücher, Berlin DE - 24.04.2015
w. Laurie Tompkins, Susie Whaites, Aaron Parker, Joe Snape, Kaj Duncan David, Chaines


The controller interface for Solo live performance and the intermedial website code is hosted public on github: