Serenus Zeitblom Oktett

Named after a character from the novel Doktor Faustus by Thomas Mann, the Serenus Zeitblom Octet works with compositions between chaos and structure, the fragmented and united, free improvisation and classical score. Music as a subconscious, demonical territory - as the Faustus-Novel states.

The Serenus Zeitblom Oktett from Berlin consists of musicians with a broad pop, free jazz and contemporary music background. Aiming for an artificial but organic live sound-production aesthetic, the Oktett is accompanied by a ninth member, the Klanggestalter. Every instrument is being amplified and processed by filters and live algorithms, neutralizing the difference of acoustic and electric instruments.

So far the Oktett comissioned new pieces by islandic composer Gunnar Karel Masson (S.L.Á.T.U.R.), Marta Forsberg and Ingrid Laubrock (Anthony Braxton, Kenny Wheeler, Jason Moran, Tim Berne) presented in 2015 on A L’ARME Festival in Radialsystem, Berlin.

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Els Vandeweyer BE - Vibraphon
David Meier CH - Drums
Moritz Bossmann DE - Electric guitar
Karsten Lipp DE - Electric guitar
Andreas Dzialocha DE - Electric bass
Stellan Veloce IT - Violoncello
Isabelle Klemt DE - Violoncello
Richard Koch DE - Trumpet
Matthias Erb DE - Klanggestaltung

Former members: Shasta Ellenbogen CA (va)

Guests: Ingrid Laubrock US (ts), Tom Arthurs UK (tr), Tabea Schrenk DE (vc), Jonas Hinz DE (Klanggestaltung)


Hyperdelia Debut LP release @ Roter Salon, Volksbühne, Berlin DE - 27.03.17
w. Els Vandeweyer (vib), David Meier (dr), Moritz Bossmann (egit), Karsten Lipp (egit), Shasta Ellenbogen (va), Isabelle Klemt (vc), Richard Koch (tr), Andreas Dzialocha (eb, composition), Matthias Erb (Klanggestaltung)

Premiere: To all frequencies I can not sense @ St. Elisabeth, Berlin DE - 27.09.16
w. Marta Forsberg SE (composition), Tabea Schrenk DE (vc)
Supported by Initiative Neue Musik INM e.V., Berlin

Echo @ Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz 2016, Sardinia IT - 06.09.16
w. Ingrid Laubrock US (ts, composition)

Premiere: Echo @ A L'ARME! Festival, Radialsystem, Berlin DE - 08.08.15
w. Ingrid Laubrock US (ts, composition)
Supported by Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin and A L'ARME! Festival

Premiere: Objet Petit A @ Sonic Festival, Huset-KBH, Copenhagen DK - 13.09.14
w. Gunnar Karel Masson IS (composition)

Erster Teil - Zweiter Teil - Dritter Teil @ Sonic Festival, Huset-KBH, Copenhagen DK - 12.09.14
w. Andreas Dzialocha DE (composition), Tom Arthurs UK (tr), Stellan Veloce IT (vc)

Premiere: Erster Teil - Zweiter Teil - Dritter Teil @ Wabe, Berlin DE - 17.10.13
w. Andreas Dzialocha DE (composition)

Debut LP

Serenus Zeitblom Oktett
Erster Teil - Zweiter Teil - Dritter Teil

HEX 001 (Hyperdelia, Berlin)
Released 27.03.2017

Recording: 23.02. - 25.02.2015 Vox-Ton Studio, Berlin

The LP comes along with a full-length video by Roman Hagenbrock.

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Production: Andreas Dzialocha
Recording: Antonio Pulli (Vox-Ton Studio, Berlin)
Mix Fuzz & Fairy Dust: Martyn Heyne (Lichte Studio, Berlin)
Mixing: Matthias Erb, Andreas Dzialocha
Mastering: Francesco Donadello (Calyx Mastering, Berlin)
Video: Roman Hagenbrock