Segmente A is a interactive multichannel audio-video installation for computer, large screen and 4 speakers developed with Unreal Script (UDK), Java, C++, Processing, Houdini, Maya in a collaboration of AEAEAE, Hans-Henning Korb, Jonas Wendelin, Andreas Dzialocha, Sehera Nawaz und Leon Eixenberger.

The Score consists of a landscape, a virtual space being traveled by the user in a one-by-one experience. In interaction with the users behavior, a complex musical logic described by four autark systems generates a orchestral piece of microtonal clusters, impulses and inner structures - weaved inside this musical body. Every single path of a user constitutes an individual dramaturgy. It all occurs with great subtleness, so there is no direct conscious interaction between the user and the environment, rather the environment imposes a decision making process onto the user, which again makes the user react and inform the piece.

Based one the UDK there is different hacks describing the composition, sampling the music, caring about the orchestration and the multi-channel handling inside this ego shooter game engine. Additionally a self-written external map editor (written in Java) characterizes instrumentation and several parameters of the musical systems. This already implies a new approach to composition as a more abstract spacial process, understanding orchestration as a huge virtual two-dimensional environment of sound-colors, systems and dynamics. Composer, Interpret and Score are musical terms which are impossible to be clearly defined in Segmente A, representing an complex chaotic world in the sense of a system which changes rapidly with small changes of its parameters.


Glasauge @ Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin DE - 26.04-06.05.12

Transnatural Festival @ Nemo Museum, Amsterdam NL - 07.09.-07.10.12