BLATT 3000 is an A5 paper for exchange and critical discussion on contemporary music. BLATT 3000 neither wants to prescribe themes nor opinions. The contributions in BLATT 3000 are impulses which can be answered by its readers with new impulses in the next issue.

An impulse in BLATT 3000 is a temporary question or a thought on compository, societal or cultural themes. An impulse is not a scientific article. An article contains an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. BLATT 3000 does not want this. BLATT 3000 wants to share impulses and engender new ones. A form will only develop with the reactions in the next issues.

BLATT 3000 is a semi-public offer for a small group of readers and authors consisting of music-makers and listeners. BLATT 3000 is a simple booklet printed in Berlin which is published 3-4 times a year. BLATT 3000 can be purchased for 15 Euro per year and will be distributed via post.

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