p2p protocol for alternative ways of organizing

The Graz AI Score

12" lp, 2019

land der musik - ein neujahrskonzert

volksfronten orchestra performance

midi orchestra

midi music data augmentation for machine learning

y-e-s fest

festival for experimental scores


ai bot for live voice improvisation

a portrait of blatt 3000

for lake radio

bild der rettung | rettung des bildes

automated gan mass image production


platform for intermedial scores

cybernetic gamelan future automaton

network-based browser game for laptop performers

hoffnung 3000

self-curated, decentralized festival in berlin


javascript osc library

serenus zeitblom oktett

documentary by roman hagenbrock

elfriede jelinek - wut

ai generated orchestra score

erster teil - zweiter teil - dritter teil

12” lp, hyperdelia, 2017


notes on building a 8bit cpu


record label based in berlin

verantwortung 3000

self-curated festival in brandenburg

love and verantwortung

intermedial lecture on platforms, decentralization, love and self-curation


microscopical osc editor

solo ep

cassette, slip imprint, 2015


improvised music in a highly artifical environment

blatt 3000

platform for collaboration, decentralization and self-curation

segmente a

interactive virtual environment


young people make movies in 24 hours